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My Letters to You

Percy Jackson Pictures

Hei, cupcakes!!!!
Pictures about Percy Jackson, I edited this myself but the pictures weren't mine......

Thalia, Percy, Nico Children of The Big Three

Percy Jackson

Luke, Annabeth, Percy Triangle love

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Titan’s Curse

3. Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Titan’s Curse
     By : Rick Riordan

Belum juga genap satu tahun Percy meninggalkan Perkemahan Blasteran setelah  musim panas tahun itu, Percy sudah dilibatkan dalam misi penyelamatan dua demigod baru.     

First of the first, Grover menemukan dua demigod baru dengan bau yang katanya sih cukup kuat. Tapi, dia mengalami kesulitan untuk mengeluarkan mereka dari sekolahnya, Westover Hall, karena itu dia meminta bantuan Percy, Annabeth, dan Thalia, si Putri Zeus yang baru bangkit dari tidur panjangnya yang tragis.

                Like a bow and arrow, Percy lengket banget sama yang namanya masalah. Misi penyelamatan itu turned out to be failed. Meskipun nggak gagal sepenuhnya tapi misi itu tetap saja berantakan. Setelah diserang oleh seekor Manticore dan diselamatkan oleh para pemburu Artemis (much to Thalia’s dismay), mereka memang berhasil mendapatkan dua demigod kakak beradik itu, tapi hanya satu yang dapat direkrut oleh Perkemahan Blasteran. Terlebih lagi ketika Annabeth, sahabat Percy, hilang jatuh kedalam jurang dan menyebabkannya  jadi sangat terpukul (Percabeth shipper could cry now). 

                Setelah itu si pemimpin para pemburu, Artemis sang dewi perburuan, memutuskan untuk memburu seekor monster purba yang dapat mendatangkan kehancuran Olympus. Meninggalkan pimpinan perburuan di bahu letnannya, Zoe Nightshade si cewek ningrat nan dingin yang tampaknya punya masalah pribadi dengan Thalia Grace, Artemis menyuruh para pemburu untuk tinggal di Perkemahan Blasteran untuk sementara.

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters movie

After I’d waited for sooooo long, finally I’ve watched Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters, ha ha, lucky me. But I couldn’t do that without you guys, eh my dearest friends? So….thanks, tons of thanks, I mean that *smile gratefully*

I still could feel the red soft cinema’s chair with my feet crossed and munching my salty popcorn up while a pair of 3D glasses sat perfectly in the crook of my nose XD

So, since I’ve watched it I could do my own review for the movie. Contain some spoilers!!!!

Honestly, I feel really ecstatic for the movie. Sure, they still changed and deleted some of my favorite scenes from the book, it was really get on my nerves. Anybody could tell that it’s not entirely perfect but still…I like it better than the first one.I nearly jumped from excitement just to know the minor details they added after they by accident or not didn’t add them in the first movie.

These are some scenes that they changed from the book
1.    Percy met Tyson in camp half-blood and not in the Merywether Prep like it supposed to be.
2.    They didn’t replace Chiron with Tantalus
3.    They played climbing race instead of chariot race
4.    Personally, I like the guinea pig tragedy (sorry, Perce!!!) in the Circeland, but they didn’t shoot it
5.    Tyson didn’t call the hippocampus “Rainbow” (aww)
6.    They didn’t show Scylla, and Percy&co got stuck inside Charybdis instead

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Percy Jackson's bio

        Hey cupcakes, today’s August 18th …..whooops, any demigods with the right mind would never ever forget this day. Any demigods can tell that this is our beloved hero and most favorite demigod’s birthday. Yup, Percy Jackson’s birthday.

       For honoring Percy Jackson, the strongest demigod ever according to Nico di Angelo, I would write some bio about Percy
Here we go:

Percy Jackson age: 12 years old
Name                           : Perseus “Percy” Jackson
Species                        : Demigod
Gender                         : Male
Affiliation                     : Olympus
Weapon (s)                  : Anaklusmos “Riptide” , water
Godly side                    : Son of Poseidon
Recent status               : Alive, lost in Tartarus
Titles ever given           : Son of Poseidon
                                        Conselour of Cabin Three
                                        Leader of Camp Half Blood
                                        Praetor of New Rome
                                        Hero/Saviour of Olympus

Birthday                      : August, 18th 1995
Actor                           : Logan W. Lerman
Appearance                : Black hair, sea green eyes, 6’0” height, tan conplexion
Home(s)                      : 1. Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York                                                                       
                                      2. Cabin 3, Camp Half Blood, Long Island                                                                                                                 
                                      3. New Rome, San Fransisco
Family                         : Sally Jackson (mother)
                                      Poseidon (father)
                                      Paul Blofis (stepfather)
                                      Gabe Ugliano (former stepfather)
                                      Amphithrite (stepmother)
                                      Tyson and Triton (half brother)
Relationship                : Boyfriend of Annabeth Chase
School (s)                     :12. Yancy Academi
  13. Meriwether Prep
  14. MS-54
  15. Goode High

  16. Goode High
Logan Lerman, the actor of Percy Jackson
Favorite Color              : Blue
Favorite food (s)          : BBQ, cheeseburger, pizza, blue chocolate chip cookies
Favorite beverage        : blue coke
Favorite sports             : Basketball, swimming, skateboarding
Favorite music genre   : alternative rock
Personality                   : troublemaker, sarcatic, occasionally impertinent, blunt, humorous, clumsy, clueless, obtuse, idiot (according to Annabeth), dumb (most of the time), very smart (if he let on), very loyal, brave, kind hearted.
Powers                        : any hydrokinesis abilities (waterbender). Aerokinesis, geokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis (very limited). Naturally talented and expert swordsman. Natural leader skill.

Percy Jackson's birthday

Hey, cupcakes !!! A toast for our beloved Son of Poseidon
no disclaimer though, I made this myself ......

My Drabble : Stay close, don't go

Time is the soul of the world, the spirit of fates, and the face of every civilization. Time became the precious thing of our live, but nobody ever seems to notice it. People looked at time as tough it was just a candy wrapper which blown by the wind and hidden in an alley. People often misinterpret it as a mere chewed gum that stuck in the middle of a concrete pavement, stepped on and crushed by every foot passed by. Time…stuck in the amidst of chaos of the unforgivable road life.
If only people knew, how time became the main reason we can still life until this time. If only they did, how everything seems so beautiful when we can just stopped from whatever thing we’re doing. Why can’t just we stop and look up to the world? We can say hello to the sun, smile at the sky, and breathe in the fresh air of the sparkling atmosphere. Why can’t we just do that without rushed in the morning and dashed to the road to errand whatever we’re looking for? Why can’t we just do that? Just to let the world know if we’re still in love with it. Just to let the world know how grateful we are that time still let us to know how it feels to live in this beautiful world. How thankful we are still being able to live without pain, even for once.
How grateful we are? Because every hour of live is beautiful. Because every minute is precious. Because every second is happen just once, because every minute can’t be rewind and we can’t change it. Because if only…..
            People never thanked every second they live on, just because they have a normal live. Wake up in the morning, breakfast, go to school or work, hang out with friends, dinner, family, sleep, and wake up again just to do the same cycle of live. They were never been grateful for it.
They never know how is it to wake up in the morning just to count on how much seconds left they would use to breathe. They never knew how is it to sleep in the night to dream if they would ever wake up again in the morning. They would never know how much its hurt to think every step they took would bring them closer to their end.
They never knew, but he did.

2. Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters
     By : Rick Riordan

                Setelah mengalami musim panas tahun lalu yang memang benar-benar panas, ha ha, secara harfiah memang panas lho, Zeus’s lightning bolt, ring a bell?, bukan berarti kehidupan Percy jadi nyaman dan setenang teluk Siren.  Di sekolahnya kali ini Percy mendapat teman baru yang praktis jadi temannya satu-satunya, Tyson, seorang anak 4 tahun yang terperangkap dalam tubuh seorang cowok gempal 12 tahun, bahasa singkatnya kekanak-kanakan.
Lain dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya, tahun ajaran ini Percy hampir berhasil menjalani sekolahnya dengan mulus. Kata kunci : hampir. Di hari terakhir sekolahnya, Percy diserang oleh sekelompok monster Lastrygonian saat pelajaran olah raga. Kericuhan dimana-mana dan Percy hampir tamat melawan sekelompok Lastrygonian itu yang otomatis menjadikannya sebagai lawan tunggal mereka. Tapi Percy mau tidak mau harus terkejut saat Tyson membantunya melawan para monster itu yang dia bahkan sama sekali tidak terpengaruh oleh mist atau kabut, sedangkan Percy pikir Tyson itu hanya seorang manusia fana biasa, atau itulah perkiraan Percy. Percy lebih terkejut lagi saat melihat Annabeth sang putri dewi Athena datang dengan topi Yankee ajaibnya dan membantu Percy serta Tyson keluar dari sekolahan itu.
 Singkat cerita, Annabeth memberitahu Percy bahwa Perkemahan Blasteran sedang terancam bahaya. Kekhawatiran mereka menjadi satu saat Percy menceritakan tentang mimpinya mengenai sahabatnya, Grover, yang menurut perkiraannya juga sedang dalam bahaya. Mungkin saja kedua hal itu berhubungan, kan? Jadi, meskipun Annabeth kelihatan benci sekali dengan Tyson - yang tidak masuk akal bagi Percy-  Annabeth membawa mereka ke Perkemahan Blasteran di Long Island dengan taksi Grey Sisters.

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     Actually I don’t know who’d write this, but I found this short story on facebook in a certain fan page months ago, ha ha. Wondering what fp is it, eh? That’s oh-so-obvious, in my case. Back to the story, it’s just so cute and tearful. Without further ado, here it is:

    Disclaimer: I don’t own this story...

                                                          I LEAVE MY HEART TO YOU

    Once upon a time there were a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl loved each other very dearly. Everyday the boy would call the girl in the morning to wake her up, tell her good morning and say he loved her. Once the girl would be ready to leave, she’d walk outside to see the boy standing there waiting for her. The weather never mattered to the boy. He would stand there and wait for his love to come to him. They would walk to school hand in hand the whole way there. The two were nearly inseparable. When the day was done, they’d go home the same way they came. Once inside her house, the girl would race to her room and look out the window to watch her beloved walk away. This was their daily routine.

    One morning the girl didn’t receive her wake-up call. Worried, she called the boy to see if he was okay. The line rang and rang, but there was no answer. The girl figured he must have slept in and would see him when she walked out the front door. But, sure enough, the boy was nowhere to be found.
    A few weeks passed and the girl had not seen or heard from the boy. When she went to his house no one would answer the door. Finally, on her way home, she received a text from the boy.

                                                      “Please come over as soon as you can.”

    The girl sprinted as fast as her legs would carry her.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Lightnig Thief

Hei, Cupcakes?!!! Wanna know more about Percy Jackson in his first five adventures? Ha ha here it is :
Synopsis :

1.    Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Lightnig Thief
       By : Rick Riordan

     Buku ini bercerita tentang Percy Jackson, seorang anak umur 12 tahun yang bermasalah dengan mengidap ADHD (GPPH) dan disleksia. Sebegitu parahnya hingga dia pernah dikeluarkan dari 6 sekolah dalam 6 tahun.
     Sejak kecil, hidupnya dipenuhi dengan kejadian-kejadian ganjil yang melibatkan makhluk-makhluk aneh. Namun, awal yang sebenarnya dimulai ketika Percy dan teman satu kelasnya mengadakan karyawisata ke Museum Yunani dan Romawi Kuno.
     Demi melindungi sahabatnya, Grover, Percy rela kena hukum dari guru pra-aljabarnya, Mrs. Dodds, wanita setengah baya yang galak minta ampun. Percy-pun mau tidak mau harus takut setengah mati saat melihat gurunya itu berubah menjadi seekor makhluk  mengerikan yang melontarkan berbagai pertanyaan yang tidak masuk akal baginya. Pada akhirnya entah bagaimana, berkat pertolongan Mr. Brunner, guru bahasa Latin Percy, Percy berhasil membunuh monster itu.
     Setelah kejadian di museum itu, hari-hari Percy selanjutnya yang tidak masuk akal semakin menjadi. Mulai dari sahabatnya, Grover, yang ternyata adalah seekor satyr sampai dengan Ibunya, Sally Jackson, yang mengatakan bahwa Percy sebenarnya adalah seorang demigod, manusia setengah dewa, yang merupakan bagian dari mitologi yunani kuno dimana keberadaannya selalu terancam bahaya. 

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Oh my god!!!! The freaking cover for The House of Hades has released!!! I am very ecstatic. Never expected that this day would come.
Look at it, that’s our dearest demigods, Percabeth (Percy/Annabeth). I wonder what happened to them, they looked very terrible.Who didn't though, for the god sake!!! they're from tartarus. My god!!! I really wanna read it, NOW!!! My favorite cover I think, it's even with The Mark of Athena in my mind

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     Hey cupcakes, looks like Percy Jackson Movie released a new photo for Percy Jackson : The Sea of Monsters, here it is :

     Isn’t that awesome? “Power of Wisdom” and “Power of Water”, both started with ‘w’ so cool. And yeah, Alexandra looks so gorgeous there, as my American friends stated, so Annabeth-ish, hahaha. This is my favorite TSOM poster so far, can’t wait for August ;)

Αντιο !!!
      Hai demigods, cerita baru dari Rick Riordan. Yup, tidak lain dan tidak bukan “The Son of Sobek”. Oke, saya tahu teman-teman sekalian, agak ketinggalan sebenarnya kalau ngebahas cerita ini sekarang soalnya cerita ini udah release beberapa minggu yang lalu. But who cares??? Blog blog gue ;D Sue me everybody. Tapi kayaknya belum banyak yang baca soalnya belum release secara official. Kok aku bisa punya ceritanya ya? I have own way, babe :D Tidak! Saya bukan penyelundup.

     Well, cerpen yang panjangnya mencapai 40 halaman ini bercerita tentang bertemunya dua tokoh terkenal ciptaan Rick Rordan, the smart Carter Kane and the awesome Percy Jackson. Bagi yang belum tahu, (I doubt it, though :D), Carter Kane berasal dari serial triologi Kane Chronicles yang mempunyai mitologi Mesir kuno sebagai dasarnya, dan Percy Jackson berasal dari seri pentalogi Percy Jackson and the Olympians plus will-soon-to-be-a pentalogi The Heroes of Olympus yang mempunyai mitologi Yunani kuno sebagai dasarnya (dan Romawi bagi HoO).

     Ulang lagi, jadi ceritanya cerpen ini menceritakan tentang pertemuan Carter dan Percy. Adegan awal cerita ini menunjukkan tentang Carter yang sedang bertarung melawan seekor monster buaya raksasa yang kerasukan roh “son of Sobek”. Sekadar informasi,Sobek adalah nama dewa buaya pada mitologi Mesir kuno. Saat pertarungannya hampir mencapai klimaks dan hampir mencapai kekalahan bagi Carter , Percy datang dan menyelamatkan Carter dari adegan memalukannya bersama si buaya, yang ternyata sedang menelan Carter setengah jalan menuju lambungnya :D.

      Singkat cerita, karena si buaya melarikan diri gara-gara Percy, Carter dan Percy jadi saling bertarung karena sebuah kesalahpahaman atau lebih tepatnya karena adanya kesalahan teknis pada mantra Carter. They fight each other, magic wand and celestial bronze sword, spells and waterbending, magician and demigod, ancient Egypt and Greek, Carter and Percy. Kalau boleh dibilang pertarungannya keren banget, lucu dan menegangkan.

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First drabble

Haha... hallo, here’s my first drabbles I write on this site, “Daughter of Hades’s Cyber Journal”
My main purpose to make this stupid blog actually is just to be the canvas of my personal drabbles. You see, for me write things is easier than to speak out loud. I don’t know, I guess it’s just the way I am (shrug). The point is, this blog’s just contain a bunch of my preposterous drabbles, and maybe some or many articles and facts I considered as interesting, especially about my fandom, Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus etc etc :D
I don’t care to whoever reads this blog. Is it my friends, my abroad friends, strangers, monsters, titans, demigods, or even if nobody does I really don’t care,  as I stated in my recent sentences that my main purpose to make this blog actually is just to be the canvas of my personal drabbles, so it’s not really important.
Then, I just want to say sorry for the languages I using in this blog, it’ll be switched for English, Indonesia, Javanese (maybe), and very little of Greek (what? It’s Percy Jackson thing), ahah, I’m weird and I’m proud to be it.  Hopefully this can help me to improve my English a bit more.
αντίο (Antio!!!)
PS.Constructive reviews or comments are appreciated and recommended.