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Percy Jackson's bio

        Hey cupcakes, today’s August 18th …..whooops, any demigods with the right mind would never ever forget this day. Any demigods can tell that this is our beloved hero and most favorite demigod’s birthday. Yup, Percy Jackson’s birthday.

       For honoring Percy Jackson, the strongest demigod ever according to Nico di Angelo, I would write some bio about Percy
Here we go:

Percy Jackson age: 12 years old
Name                           : Perseus “Percy” Jackson
Species                        : Demigod
Gender                         : Male
Affiliation                     : Olympus
Weapon (s)                  : Anaklusmos “Riptide” , water
Godly side                    : Son of Poseidon
Recent status               : Alive, lost in Tartarus
Titles ever given           : Son of Poseidon
                                        Conselour of Cabin Three
                                        Leader of Camp Half Blood
                                        Praetor of New Rome
                                        Hero/Saviour of Olympus

Birthday                      : August, 18th 1995
Actor                           : Logan W. Lerman
Appearance                : Black hair, sea green eyes, 6’0” height, tan conplexion
Home(s)                      : 1. Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York                                                                       
                                      2. Cabin 3, Camp Half Blood, Long Island                                                                                                                 
                                      3. New Rome, San Fransisco
Family                         : Sally Jackson (mother)
                                      Poseidon (father)
                                      Paul Blofis (stepfather)
                                      Gabe Ugliano (former stepfather)
                                      Amphithrite (stepmother)
                                      Tyson and Triton (half brother)
Relationship                : Boyfriend of Annabeth Chase
School (s)                     :12. Yancy Academi
  13. Meriwether Prep
  14. MS-54
  15. Goode High

  16. Goode High
Logan Lerman, the actor of Percy Jackson
Favorite Color              : Blue
Favorite food (s)          : BBQ, cheeseburger, pizza, blue chocolate chip cookies
Favorite beverage        : blue coke
Favorite sports             : Basketball, swimming, skateboarding
Favorite music genre   : alternative rock
Personality                   : troublemaker, sarcatic, occasionally impertinent, blunt, humorous, clumsy, clueless, obtuse, idiot (according to Annabeth), dumb (most of the time), very smart (if he let on), very loyal, brave, kind hearted.
Powers                        : any hydrokinesis abilities (waterbender). Aerokinesis, geokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis (very limited). Naturally talented and expert swordsman. Natural leader skill.
Fatal Flaw                   : Personal loyalty
Disease                       : ADHD and dyslexia
Pet (s)/companion      : Blackjack (a pure black pegasus)
                                      Mrs. O’Leary (a hellhound)
Phobia (s)                    : Claustrophobic, fear of water (recently)
Nicknames ever given :
11. Seaweed Brain (Annabeth Chase)
22.  Prissy (Clarisse La Rue)
33.  “Nobody” (Plyphemus)
44.  Little pawn (Gaea)
55.   Brain boy (Gabe Ugliano)
66.   Captain Salt Water (Jason Grace)
77.  Boss (Blackjack)

Percy Jackson :
Percy Jackson fan art by viria.tumblr.com
We were first introduced to Percy Jackson when he was 12 years old. For years after he knew that his real father was Poseidon, greek god of the sea, he has been going on a lot of quest and he was involved in a two great prophecies, though the second prophecies was not finished yet. He had angered so many god and goddesses along the way, making him their enemies. Not just because his attitudes but also his existence since he was never supposed to be born in the first place.
His love live has never had a better luck either. He once was told by the goddess of love herself in which she would make his love live “tragic.” Unfortunatelly she kept her promise come true. Percy was often involved by so many love triangles, between Luke Castellan, Annabeth Chase, and him. Then come along Rachel Elizabeth Dare who often makes Annabeth Chase feel jelous. Not to mention the other girs like Calypso. However, in the end Percy was end up together with Annabeth Chase, his father’s nemesis’s daughter. Well, Percy does not seem to know it (as Annabeth stated he was oblivious) but many girls find him extremely attractive, you can checked what the girls, namely Annabeth, Calypso, Hazel, Piper or even Medusa’s tought back in the books to prove it.
Aside from everything stuck in his personality, still Percy’s not a perfect demigod. It doesn’t matter how many people wanted him to be so, Percy was not. Percy was imperfect in many things. For example, he was very short tempered, as you can see what he could do when he was bickering with his own cousin, Thalia Grace. He often acted without thinking, and he was naturally snarky and sarcatic which often made him or even other people fell into trouble. He has so many enemies he made by himself through his occasionally impertinent-self.
Nothing in the world is perfect, and we have to believe it. It doesn’t matter how great Percy Jackson was, he was still imperfect in many ways.
Okay, that was all I can say in this post. Actually I can write waaaaaaaay more about Percy since I can remember almost anything about him from the books even a small thing as his first acne he got at his nose or the fact that his two front teeth were slightly crooked. But, since I wanted it to be writen in English and my limited English skill is still below average, so…..yeah, that’s it. Maybe on the other day, ha ha.
Bye!!! Adios!!! Αντιο!!!
Peace, love, and Percy Jackson….

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