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Percy Jackson Pictures

Hei, cupcakes!!!!
Pictures about Percy Jackson, I edited this myself but the pictures weren't mine......

Thalia, Percy, Nico Children of The Big Three

Percy Jackson

Luke, Annabeth, Percy Triangle love

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Titan’s Curse

3. Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Titan’s Curse
     By : Rick Riordan

Belum juga genap satu tahun Percy meninggalkan Perkemahan Blasteran setelah  musim panas tahun itu, Percy sudah dilibatkan dalam misi penyelamatan dua demigod baru.     

First of the first, Grover menemukan dua demigod baru dengan bau yang katanya sih cukup kuat. Tapi, dia mengalami kesulitan untuk mengeluarkan mereka dari sekolahnya, Westover Hall, karena itu dia meminta bantuan Percy, Annabeth, dan Thalia, si Putri Zeus yang baru bangkit dari tidur panjangnya yang tragis.

                Like a bow and arrow, Percy lengket banget sama yang namanya masalah. Misi penyelamatan itu turned out to be failed. Meskipun nggak gagal sepenuhnya tapi misi itu tetap saja berantakan. Setelah diserang oleh seekor Manticore dan diselamatkan oleh para pemburu Artemis (much to Thalia’s dismay), mereka memang berhasil mendapatkan dua demigod kakak beradik itu, tapi hanya satu yang dapat direkrut oleh Perkemahan Blasteran. Terlebih lagi ketika Annabeth, sahabat Percy, hilang jatuh kedalam jurang dan menyebabkannya  jadi sangat terpukul (Percabeth shipper could cry now). 

                Setelah itu si pemimpin para pemburu, Artemis sang dewi perburuan, memutuskan untuk memburu seekor monster purba yang dapat mendatangkan kehancuran Olympus. Meninggalkan pimpinan perburuan di bahu letnannya, Zoe Nightshade si cewek ningrat nan dingin yang tampaknya punya masalah pribadi dengan Thalia Grace, Artemis menyuruh para pemburu untuk tinggal di Perkemahan Blasteran untuk sementara.

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters movie

After I’d waited for sooooo long, finally I’ve watched Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters, ha ha, lucky me. But I couldn’t do that without you guys, eh my dearest friends? So….thanks, tons of thanks, I mean that *smile gratefully*

I still could feel the red soft cinema’s chair with my feet crossed and munching my salty popcorn up while a pair of 3D glasses sat perfectly in the crook of my nose XD

So, since I’ve watched it I could do my own review for the movie. Contain some spoilers!!!!

Honestly, I feel really ecstatic for the movie. Sure, they still changed and deleted some of my favorite scenes from the book, it was really get on my nerves. Anybody could tell that it’s not entirely perfect but still…I like it better than the first one.I nearly jumped from excitement just to know the minor details they added after they by accident or not didn’t add them in the first movie.

These are some scenes that they changed from the book
1.    Percy met Tyson in camp half-blood and not in the Merywether Prep like it supposed to be.
2.    They didn’t replace Chiron with Tantalus
3.    They played climbing race instead of chariot race
4.    Personally, I like the guinea pig tragedy (sorry, Perce!!!) in the Circeland, but they didn’t shoot it
5.    Tyson didn’t call the hippocampus “Rainbow” (aww)
6.    They didn’t show Scylla, and Percy&co got stuck inside Charybdis instead

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Percy Jackson's bio

        Hey cupcakes, today’s August 18th …..whooops, any demigods with the right mind would never ever forget this day. Any demigods can tell that this is our beloved hero and most favorite demigod’s birthday. Yup, Percy Jackson’s birthday.

       For honoring Percy Jackson, the strongest demigod ever according to Nico di Angelo, I would write some bio about Percy
Here we go:

Percy Jackson age: 12 years old
Name                           : Perseus “Percy” Jackson
Species                        : Demigod
Gender                         : Male
Affiliation                     : Olympus
Weapon (s)                  : Anaklusmos “Riptide” , water
Godly side                    : Son of Poseidon
Recent status               : Alive, lost in Tartarus
Titles ever given           : Son of Poseidon
                                        Conselour of Cabin Three
                                        Leader of Camp Half Blood
                                        Praetor of New Rome
                                        Hero/Saviour of Olympus

Birthday                      : August, 18th 1995
Actor                           : Logan W. Lerman
Appearance                : Black hair, sea green eyes, 6’0” height, tan conplexion
Home(s)                      : 1. Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York                                                                       
                                      2. Cabin 3, Camp Half Blood, Long Island                                                                                                                 
                                      3. New Rome, San Fransisco
Family                         : Sally Jackson (mother)
                                      Poseidon (father)
                                      Paul Blofis (stepfather)
                                      Gabe Ugliano (former stepfather)
                                      Amphithrite (stepmother)
                                      Tyson and Triton (half brother)
Relationship                : Boyfriend of Annabeth Chase
School (s)                     :12. Yancy Academi
  13. Meriwether Prep
  14. MS-54
  15. Goode High

  16. Goode High
Logan Lerman, the actor of Percy Jackson
Favorite Color              : Blue
Favorite food (s)          : BBQ, cheeseburger, pizza, blue chocolate chip cookies
Favorite beverage        : blue coke
Favorite sports             : Basketball, swimming, skateboarding
Favorite music genre   : alternative rock
Personality                   : troublemaker, sarcatic, occasionally impertinent, blunt, humorous, clumsy, clueless, obtuse, idiot (according to Annabeth), dumb (most of the time), very smart (if he let on), very loyal, brave, kind hearted.
Powers                        : any hydrokinesis abilities (waterbender). Aerokinesis, geokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis (very limited). Naturally talented and expert swordsman. Natural leader skill.