Senin, 20 Mei 2013

First drabble

Haha... hallo, here’s my first drabbles I write on this site, “Daughter of Hades’s Cyber Journal”
My main purpose to make this stupid blog actually is just to be the canvas of my personal drabbles. You see, for me write things is easier than to speak out loud. I don’t know, I guess it’s just the way I am (shrug). The point is, this blog’s just contain a bunch of my preposterous drabbles, and maybe some or many articles and facts I considered as interesting, especially about my fandom, Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus etc etc :D
I don’t care to whoever reads this blog. Is it my friends, my abroad friends, strangers, monsters, titans, demigods, or even if nobody does I really don’t care,  as I stated in my recent sentences that my main purpose to make this blog actually is just to be the canvas of my personal drabbles, so it’s not really important.
Then, I just want to say sorry for the languages I using in this blog, it’ll be switched for English, Indonesia, Javanese (maybe), and very little of Greek (what? It’s Percy Jackson thing), ahah, I’m weird and I’m proud to be it.  Hopefully this can help me to improve my English a bit more.
αντίο (Antio!!!)
PS.Constructive reviews or comments are appreciated and recommended.

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