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     Actually I don’t know who’d write this, but I found this short story on facebook in a certain fan page months ago, ha ha. Wondering what fp is it, eh? That’s oh-so-obvious, in my case. Back to the story, it’s just so cute and tearful. Without further ado, here it is:

    Disclaimer: I don’t own this story...

                                                          I LEAVE MY HEART TO YOU

    Once upon a time there were a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl loved each other very dearly. Everyday the boy would call the girl in the morning to wake her up, tell her good morning and say he loved her. Once the girl would be ready to leave, she’d walk outside to see the boy standing there waiting for her. The weather never mattered to the boy. He would stand there and wait for his love to come to him. They would walk to school hand in hand the whole way there. The two were nearly inseparable. When the day was done, they’d go home the same way they came. Once inside her house, the girl would race to her room and look out the window to watch her beloved walk away. This was their daily routine.

    One morning the girl didn’t receive her wake-up call. Worried, she called the boy to see if he was okay. The line rang and rang, but there was no answer. The girl figured he must have slept in and would see him when she walked out the front door. But, sure enough, the boy was nowhere to be found.
    A few weeks passed and the girl had not seen or heard from the boy. When she went to his house no one would answer the door. Finally, on her way home, she received a text from the boy.

                                                      “Please come over as soon as you can.”

    The girl sprinted as fast as her legs would carry her.

    When she arrived at his house, she saw a FOR SALE sign in the window. Her heart had twinge with sadness. She walked up the lawn to the house and looked like it had been that way for awhile. The girl couldn’t believe it. Just when she thought all hope was lost she received another text from the boy. It had read:

                                                     “Come to the alleyway behind my house.”

The girl was puzzled, but she still did as instructed and went to the alley.

    When she got there, she couldn’t see anyone or anything. She looked around and still couldn’t find her lost love. All of sudden, a gust wind blew her favorite hat that the boy had given her off. The hat floated the alley and the girl chased desperately after it.

    The hat kept floating and floating until it came to the darkest part of the alley. The girl bent down to pick up her hat when she noticed a pair of familiar shoes. She immediately looked up to se the boy smiling down at her. The girl sprang up and leapt to give him a tight hug. A cold chill ran down her spine when she wrapped her arms around nothing but air. She looked up and saw the boy still in the same spot looking longingly at her. The boy handed her a note and stepped back. The note said:

                   “My dearest, I am writing this letter knowing I will be gone when you read it. My life is going to be taken from me very soon. I can’t stand the thought of loosing you or being without you but it’s something that has to happen. You’ll understand soon enough what I mean. I hope you can forgive me for my selfishness…..Just know that I love you more than my own life. And that I had planned to live out the rest of my life with you. I hope you will live happily and stay strong even though I am not physically by your side anymore. I’ll always be beside you. Watching over you. Guiding you. I’ll be your guardian and keep you safe. Never forgot how much I love you. I’ll be with you forever. And my last will and testimony, I leave my heart to you”
    The girl wept hysterically and felt as though she had stopped breathing. She had lost her felling in her legs and had collapsed while reading. She sat in the cold, dark alleyway weeping loudly. She didn’t want to move, and couldn’t if she tried. She then remembered that she had just seen the boy she had loved so dearly only moments ago. She shot up and began to run through the alley. She shouted the boy’s name repeatedly yelled for him to come back to her. When she had run for long that her legs couldn’t carry her any longer, she collapsed on the ground. She wasn’t breathing.

    The girl woke up in the hospital. The doctors were scolding her, telling her that she knew she had heart problems and she shouldn’t be running that hard for that long, and that she’s lucky she is even alive right now. The girl knew she had needed a heart transplant, but didn’t have a donor.
She asked the doctors what was going to happen if she didn’t find one. The doctors all looked at her for a moment.

     Then one stepped up and said, “Dear, we already found a donor and preformed the transplant…..”
The doctors gave her some papers with information about the donor on it. The girl began to weep. The donor had been the same age and had recently committed suicide. The donor was no other than the boy she loved so dearly. She then remembered his last words: “I leave my heart to you….”

Oh my god. It’s so sad, right? And so cute awwww……. I show my girly side haha.
Whenever I read this I cant help but think of a certain, the most perfect and adorable fictional couple ever. Guess?

    Yep, Percabeth. I am sure 100% Percy would do it for Annabeth, considering his fatal flaw is personal loyalty, right? Right. Beside, he has willingly fallen with Annabeth into the horror of tartarus, so….well we demigods have no doubts.

     But…… I also can’t help but think of a certain boy, in my real life, my long crush actually. Idk why, strange I know, but I miss him. He’s still alive, of course!!!, but I feel like he’s already long dead because he never talked to me again but in a few occasions. Is it me? Or he was being him? And….um, well I don’t want to spill it here.
     Okay, ha ha, stop being sappy, girl.

     Well, that’s for now. Bye!!! Adios!!! Αντιο!!!

     Peace, love, and Percy Jackson….

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