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Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters movie

After I’d waited for sooooo long, finally I’ve watched Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters, ha ha, lucky me. But I couldn’t do that without you guys, eh my dearest friends? So….thanks, tons of thanks, I mean that *smile gratefully*

I still could feel the red soft cinema’s chair with my feet crossed and munching my salty popcorn up while a pair of 3D glasses sat perfectly in the crook of my nose XD

So, since I’ve watched it I could do my own review for the movie. Contain some spoilers!!!!

Honestly, I feel really ecstatic for the movie. Sure, they still changed and deleted some of my favorite scenes from the book, it was really get on my nerves. Anybody could tell that it’s not entirely perfect but still…I like it better than the first one.I nearly jumped from excitement just to know the minor details they added after they by accident or not didn’t add them in the first movie.

These are some scenes that they changed from the book
1.    Percy met Tyson in camp half-blood and not in the Merywether Prep like it supposed to be.
2.    They didn’t replace Chiron with Tantalus
3.    They played climbing race instead of chariot race
4.    Personally, I like the guinea pig tragedy (sorry, Perce!!!) in the Circeland, but they didn’t shoot it
5.    Tyson didn’t call the hippocampus “Rainbow” (aww)
6.    They didn’t show Scylla, and Percy&co got stuck inside Charybdis instead

I was okay with the change for the things above. BUT, here below are the scenes that really punched me in my gut
1.    They shoot the sirens bay scene but they deleted it. And I thought that the whole fatal flaw thing was very important for the stories to go
2.    The manticore appearance
3.    Grover was kidnapped by Luke’s minion instead of went for a quest himself. Hades, even nobody ever mentioned about his obsession in finding Pan
4.    Silena Beauregard and Ethan Nakamura were already being Luke’s minions, they supposed to show their betrayal in the 5th and 4th books.
5.    Percy should know the great prophecy about himself in the 5th book, and not now
6.   This’s the most insufferable thing in the movie: even though Kronos was finally dead again, but Luke was able to resurrect him already!!! It didn’t suppose to happen before the 4th book. And how come Kronos be able to be put back into his coffin just because of a sword slashed on to his form?

But, aside from the things above, there’re also a bunch of things I like from the movie:
1.    The fact that they dyed Alexandra’s hair blond to match her with Annabeth character
2.    Mr.D (Dionysus) insisted to call every people with the wrong names
3.    They told us about Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke’s past in the flashback form (that was really wow) and the story of Dionysus become the director of the camp
4.    They pictured the new Chiron just like how I imagine (excluding the white form)
5.    Percy was narratoring the movie in the beginning and the end like he was telling us about some story (I really like this one)
6.    Percy’s personalities were almost becoming like the real Percy in the novel (sarcastic and idiotic). Even though he’s not as snarky and impertinent as Percy in the novel, I still can bear with it. He was also showed to be very good hearted, loyal, and brave just like in the book
7.    Even though physically Leven Rambin is not the best cast to picture Clarisse La Rue, but she was able to act like Clarisse, a big bad selfish bully.
8.    George and Martha showed
9.    Luke played chess, that was hilarious XD
10. The end of the movie (Thalia resurrect)
11. They include the demigod’s swearing style as “What the Hades?”
12. Annabeth said “Oh my gods” (just like the book)
13. Paloma was the perfect cast for Thalia Grace
14. The cliff hanger (Trolldan wooohoooo, Rickhanger style XD)

Believe me, there were still a lot of stuff I like from the movies, but there’s no way I would write them down here right now.
The last list was the thing they changed which I personally appreciated:
1.  They met Hermes in the UPS store
2. They placed Polyphemus Island in the Abandoned Six Flags (it looked really creepy and more monsterish)

So…..technically the second movie is not that bad, it was really cool actually. I swear it’s not as wreck as the first one. Well, aside from the age of the characters they changed which there was nothing we can do for that. I really hope they would stay closer to the book for the third movie (The Titan’s Curse) cause it was really awesome book.
I can’t wait for the third movie to come. I know it was still a long way to go, but never I would just give my hope up. Really want to know who’d get the special place as Nico di Angelo XD
And…..my ratings:
As a movie without a book : 9/10
As a book adaptation          : 6/10

Bye!!! Adios!!! Αντιο!!!
Peace, love, and Percy Jackson….

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