Minggu, 18 Agustus 2013

My Drabble : Stay close, don't go

Time is the soul of the world, the spirit of fates, and the face of every civilization. Time became the precious thing of our live, but nobody ever seems to notice it. People looked at time as tough it was just a candy wrapper which blown by the wind and hidden in an alley. People often misinterpret it as a mere chewed gum that stuck in the middle of a concrete pavement, stepped on and crushed by every foot passed by. Time…stuck in the amidst of chaos of the unforgivable road life.
If only people knew, how time became the main reason we can still life until this time. If only they did, how everything seems so beautiful when we can just stopped from whatever thing we’re doing. Why can’t just we stop and look up to the world? We can say hello to the sun, smile at the sky, and breathe in the fresh air of the sparkling atmosphere. Why can’t we just do that without rushed in the morning and dashed to the road to errand whatever we’re looking for? Why can’t we just do that? Just to let the world know if we’re still in love with it. Just to let the world know how grateful we are that time still let us to know how it feels to live in this beautiful world. How thankful we are still being able to live without pain, even for once.
How grateful we are? Because every hour of live is beautiful. Because every minute is precious. Because every second is happen just once, because every minute can’t be rewind and we can’t change it. Because if only…..
            People never thanked every second they live on, just because they have a normal live. Wake up in the morning, breakfast, go to school or work, hang out with friends, dinner, family, sleep, and wake up again just to do the same cycle of live. They were never been grateful for it.
They never know how is it to wake up in the morning just to count on how much seconds left they would use to breathe. They never knew how is it to sleep in the night to dream if they would ever wake up again in the morning. They would never know how much its hurt to think every step they took would bring them closer to their end.
They never knew, but he did.

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